Founders of Prime Methods decided in 2006 to start business in highly needed software development space. The objective was to develop credible high-tech software products, fit to solve increasingly complex business problems and fit to target global market. Raising such a venture was a daunting challenge but the founders were determined to undertake it. Seed funding was provided by the founders from their personal savings and assets.

Prime Methods developed a couple of proprietary business applications. Its team also worked extensively on open source platforms and focused on database driven applications market. Prime Methods state of the art professional services and products empower businesses by solving their burning eCommrce application needs.

In 2009 company signed Magento ecommerce project with a USA based anchor Client Company as their first international assignment. Ever since then Prime Methods is developing full featured e-commerce applications with integrated third party services for the US clients. Company earned credibility and valuable client’s confidence.

In 2017 we established a federal corporation in Toronto Canada to connect North American manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers with their customers in the global market place.

For more information, you may please contact us at info@primemethods.com. You may also use our contact us form to get specific details about our products or services.