We are seeking strategic partnerships with companies around the world. In line with our strategic objectives, Prime Methods International has its own Partners Program  and will also look for others partner programs based on mutually beneficial business relationships. Particularly we welcome the following immediate areas of cooperation:

Expansion of Entrepreneurship Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers or Distribution Companies who want to go global and need technical assistance in carrying out their sales operations on reliable and secure platforms have the option to partner with us. We will be a desirable choice for the partners who need to outsource their operations based on negotiable legal arrangement. We have experience of managing sophisticated and sensitive high-tech projects remotely at multiple locations in an airtight secure environment.

Marketing Partnerships with companies experienced in software marketing and sales through various technology tools and social media programs.

Product Resellers We are looking for companies and individuals who are willing to work as our front offices around the world to act as our local representatives on terms and conditions laid down by us for such cooperation.

Technology Outsourcing Prime Methods International will be happy to work as a resource center for software development companies around the world to provide their clients with software development services in the areas of our expertise at competitive prices.

 For more information send us an email to To get specific details about our products and service, you may also use our contact us form