We are more than just technical gurus, we’re experienced, qualified hands on managers, system analysts, systems usability specialists, developers, and entrepreneurs with a verifiable track record of success

In 2006, we started developing proprietary software for retail business management. We also worked on open source ecommerce platforms. From 2009 we are rolling out projects which are state of the art technology and functionality. We earned credibility and leadership position in our areas of expertise. Along the way, we developed valuable understanding and practical skills and know-how about SEO, inbound marketing and brand development which are key to the ultimate success of company's long-term plans.
The experience of building our online business gives us the perspective of an owner. We get it. We understand the challenges. We've been there ourselves.

In 2013 we closed our local private limited company with the aim of launching in North America where our clients are, retaining our domain name and our intellectual property. The new name of our business is Prime Methods, to commercialize the services and processes we have developed to grow and manage our own online business.
Today we work with clients for solving their eCommerce web applications needs and have worked on around 50 full featured ecommerce and web application projects which we have either completed or are working on. The number is growing with the result that quantum of work inflow has increased substantially and we are planning to expand.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, then please contact us. We have helped businesses and we will help you grow your business in the online channel. To all of you, from all of us at Prime Methods - Thank you and happy long term business relations

Prime Methods International