Code Audit

Code Audit Service Keeps Your Online Store Healthy, Competitive, and Profitable.

Keep Improving Your Store

After launch, what comes next? It’s not enough to simply keep your online store running. To stay competitive, you need to keep it humming. Prime Methods Ecommerce Strategy service gives you the insights and actionable intelligence to do just that.

What's Included?

Our Ecommerce Strategy Service is an in-depth, 10-part review of your ecommerce channel, covering everything from design and content issues, to search marketing and hosting. Each service is performed by Prime Methods in-house subject matter experts, in conjunction with our trusted industry partners. It's like a top-to-bottom check-up for your online store.

Focus Areas

Depending on your needs, the review can include: Site Analysis, Brand Analysis, Photography Review, Content Assessment, Site Analytics Audit, Email Marketing Assessment, Marketing & Promotions Analysis, Hosting Review, and Technology Assessment.

For each step in the process, we'll provide detailed recommendations and related documentation to provide you with actionable information you can use immediately. The result is a healthier, more profitable ecommerce channel.


Many of the recommendations resulting from the ecommerce strategy service can be implemented as part of your subscription, using plan hours. This give you the ability to turn information into action, so you can begin seeing results sooner. It's just one more reason why is so much more than managed services.

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