Data Conversion

Our process helps client to get highly accurate converted data without wasting much of their time.

We undertake the process of converting our client’s old data format to new data format, on upgrading their applications or on their instructions for any other reason. We follow the best data conversion practices to make sure that the client’s valuable data is converted to new format or upgraded without any chance of error or loss of contents. To give you an idea of how we do that here are some process steps that we follow. It will help you understand how methodically, smoothly and accurately this issue is handled.

Sorting Out Data – If the data is physically available on paper, the first step we take before making it digitally available, is to sort out old data into different categories and size, as per client specification. We then apply the sorting rule which is specified by client, to get organized data for conversion.

Testing Conversion: Second step is to develop a test conversion method. In this step, we compare the test samples with client’s specification. If any error occurs samples are regenerated. After that, client checks samples and give remarks. On the basis of client's remarks, final sample is created.

Data Conversion: Here the real conversion process starts. We device a strategy based on successful testing method applied to sample data. We develop automated system wherever require to boost the system. The System must check the converted data for accuracy. This way we generate very quick output to satisfy customer.

Finalizing Conversion: After conversion our experts do final checkup for quality before sending to client. They compare the final data with client's specification and recommendation. They also ensure that converted data is 99.9% accurate. After this process final data is delivered to client.

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