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Magento is one of the platforms on which we build e-commerce websites. We add as many free and paid extensions to the free open source Magento Community edition  as you may require to best suit your business process. We will guarantee your satisfaction by keeping you involved in the development process and by providing you a Live tour of  e-commerce system and its Content Management System prior to launching the website. Magento being the most popular and the fastest growing e-commerce platform, ideally guarantees the success businesses are likely to achieve through this powerful web solution. We will do it cost effectively and speedily. Our team of dedicated professionals specialize in the complete development life cycle of Magento e-commerce solutions. Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements and ask for a quote. We will respond to you in the shortest possible time. Please send us an email at or click on the 'Buy Now' link and drop a few lines.

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Magento Features

Integration with Google Base

Our Google Base Integration with Magento Service allows store owners to list products and services of their entire Magento website into their Google Product Base account. Google Base is a service offered by Google designed to facilitate web users search products and services. Google Base can maximize your chances of getting more leads and hence more revenues


  • Easily submit store products and services directly from your Magento website
  • FREE Google Base account enables Global and local exposure
  • Higher sales through FREE website promotion
  • Describe items you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they do related searches.
  • Items submitted on Google Base might be found on Google websites like Google Search Engine or Google Maps.

Integration with Google Map

Our Google Map Integration with Magento Service allows you to easily integrate Google Maps with your Magento store. All you need to do is provide us with your address and details and we will do the rest. It’s a very effective and free way to not only inform your visitors of where you are located, but also get indexed by Google, often on the first page of search results as a local business listing.


  • Geographic indexing and listing by Google
  • Be found by people searching for your location or services
  • Gain greater, even global exposure
  • Be found by searches through thousands of web based applications and various devices (e.g. iPhone App's, Mobile Phones)
  • Possibility of appearing on the Google front page for local searches.
  • Gain credibility by showing a physical presence 

Integration with Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics Integration with Magento Service helps to integrate Google Analytics into your Magento eCommerce store. Google Analytics is a great business intelligence tool offered freely by Google that helps websites comprehensively analyse website traffic, usage and more. 

Integration with Google SiteMap

Our Google Site Map Integration with Magento Service is essential for all Magento stores desiring to gain better SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page placement) as it will help magento stores have their product and pages indexed by Google.


  • Inform Google Search Engines about store’s URL's
  • Beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Allow for a more intelligent search engine crawl process
  • Automatic sitemap generation process - automatic listing of products, categories and information pages.
  • Help's Google process your website
  • Can help you get better SERP's 

New and Featured Items Display Service

Magento has inbuilt features available to configure 'New and featured items display’. This adds freshness to the store and promotes sales. 

Payment Gateway Integration Service

You have developed an online store but you are facing issues in integrating with payment gateways. eCommerce Software Solutions Online can help you to integrate payment gateway. (The cost of this service is excluding merchant bank or payment gateway fee). If the work is going to take more than 6 hours we will let you know in advance and the additional work can be done at an hourly rate.

Shipping Integration Service

Every shipping carrier in the world has its own methods to calculate shipping charges. We can assist you for having your own customized setting of your shipping rates in Magento. We deliver this solution for a normal Magento store for 299 USD. Should the work on you store exceed 9 hrs of work, we will inform you in advance and additional work can be done at an additional hourly rate

We will help to set up the following shipping methods to your Magento store as per your requirement.

  1. UPS (United Parcel Service):
    • United Parcel Service-Html based connection.
    • United Parcel Service XML- XML based connection requires a UPS Account, Password, and Access Key
  2. USPS. The Integration requires a USPS Account User ID
  3. FedEx: The Integration requires a FedEx Account User ID
  4. DHL: The Integration requires DHL Access ID, Password, Account Number , Shipping key etc
  6. Table rate - Table Rates can be set up in 3 different ways
    • Weight and Destination
    • Price and Destination
    • The Number of items and destination.

The input is given in CSV format and will be imported to database. During checkout, Magento will obtain the shipping rates from the database. We can set the shipping rates for each country, state and post code by table rates for you.

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